New Falher council holds organizational meeting

Pictured above is the new Falher town council. In front, from left, are Robert Lauze, Donna Buchinski and Rene Limoges. In back, from left, are Lindsay Brown, Geoff Turnquist, Gary Braithwaite and Bradley Drouin.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The new Falher council met for the first time on Oct. 23, choosing the mayor and deputy mayor, as well as appointing themselves to the various committees and boards.

Councillor Donna Buchinski was elected as the mayor for one year, while Councillor Rene Limoges will act as the deputy mayor for the same period.

Council committees and boards

. Assessment Review Board: Guy Beaudoin, member at large, and Jacqueline Hebert (clerk).

. Bourse Turenne Scholarship Committee: Robert Lauze.

. Community Education Committee: Bradley Drouin.

. Concerto: Guy Beaudoin, member at large, and Myrna Lanctot (alternate).

. Employee Relations Committee: Geoff Turnquist and Rene Limoges.

. Falher 100th Anniversary: Gary Braithwaite and Lindsay Brown.

. Falher Inter-Municipal Library Board: Lindsay Brown.

. Falher Recreation Committee: Donna Buchinski and Rene Limoges.

. Heart River Housing: Donna Buchinski.

. Honey Festival Committee: Geoff Turnquist.

. Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency: Gary Braithwaite, Donna Buchinski (alternate).

. Peace Library System: Lindsay Brown, Jackie Hockey (alternate).

. Peace Region Economic Development Alliance: Economic Development Officer

. Policy Review Committee: Donna Buchinski and Bradley Drouin.

. Smoky River Agriculture Society: Gary Braithwaite.

. Smoky River Emergency Management: Robert Lauze and Donna Buchinski.

. Smoky River Family and Community Support Services: Lindsay Brown.

. Smoky River Regional Airport Committee: Rene Limoges.

. Smoky River Regional Committee: Donna Buchinski and Brad Drouin.

. Smoky River Regional Economic Development: Geoff Turnquist and Jean Desaulniers.

. Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment Committee: Rene Limoges.

. Smoky River Regional Waste Commission: Rene Limoges and Robert Lauze.

. Smoky River Regional Water Commission: Rene Limoges and Robert Lauze.

. Smoky River Tourism/Chamber: Geoff Turnquist.

. Subdivision and Development Appeal Board: Gary Braithwaite, Guy Beaudoin and Dave Gervais.

Following the organizational meeting, council held a special meeting to deal with two matters. First, council passed a motion to extend the deadline for the removal of the old Smoky River Express building to Nov. 30.

Council also passed a motion for its members to attend the next M.D. of Smoky River council meeting, to request financial support for the Falher Regional Recreation Complex.

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