New apprentices cancelled

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

There will be no new apprentices accepted into technical training at any colleges in Alberta for the near future.

On March 19 the Alberta government posted a notification and contacted trades-related companies to announce the March-April and May-June intakes for apprentices have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Registration has been disabled.

The government says priority will be given to apprentices who started training on or after March 2 to reschedule when apprenticeship training is reopened. Those trades students should discuss how to get tuition refunds with their institutions.

Apprenticeship students who started their technical training before March 2 have been told to contact their institution to see whether or not their technical training will be considered complete, or if distance learning will be available. Distance delivery will begin the week of March 23, 2020 where possible. If they complete their programs with good grades, apprentices will not be required to challenge the provincial theory or practical examinations.

There are 11 different post-secondary institutions in the province such as NAIT and Northern Lakes College providing hands-on technical training in trades ranging from carpentry to welding.

Apprenticeship and Industry Training [AIT] counter service and exams being written at an AIT office as well as practical exams have also been cancelled for now.

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