OPINION – NDP’s Leap Manifesto dangerous for Alberta, says the Progressive Conservative Party

Progressive Conservative Party
News release

“At a time when Alberta is facing record job losses and worsening economic uncertainty, the Leap Manifesto proves that the NDP has never had our backs,” said Ric McIver, Interim Leader and MLA for Calgary-Hays.

“No matter how loudly Rachel Notley protests, the fact remains that the provincial NDP is tied to their federal counterparts through the party’s constitution, meaning that they must adopt federal policies. Albertans should be very worried about their economic future under an NDP government.”

The Leap Manifesto, which calls for a quick transition away from all fossil fuel development and a complete rejection of oil and gas pipelines, puts the NDP’s radical socialist ideology ahead of the economic wellbeing of thousands of Alberta families whose livelihoods depend on a strong and vibrant energy sector.

“The Premier and her government can no longer pretend that actions like implementing a carbon tax, rapidly phasing out coal-fired electricity and putting a hard cap on oil sands development will earn Alberta the social license we need to get pipelines built when they can’t even convince their own supporters,” said Rick Fraser, Energy Critic and MLA for Calgary-South East.

“Premier Notley needs to finally put the interests of Albertans first and reverse these damaging policies.”

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