NDP Government needs to release WCB report, says Wildrose Party

Wildrose Party
News release

The NDP government needs to compel the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) to release an overdue report that could have significant impacts on Alberta workers and businesses who are concerned that hundreds of millions of WCB refunds are in jeopardy, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today (June 20).

The lagging release of a report on WCB comes on the heels of the NDP government knowingly sitting on a Wildfire Report, and delays in the reporting of the Advisory Panel on Coal Communities and the Climate Technology Task Force.

“It’s disappointing to see industry groups waiting on a delayed report that could have a profound impact on business in our province,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.
“The Labour Minister needs to step up, and get this report out the door for full transparency to Albertans.”

Previously, Wildrose recommended as part of the Jobs Action Plan to restore investor confidence and create jobs that WCB premiums should be reduced by 50 per cent for the first 100 employees in each business, and to eliminate premiums for new hires until the WCB’s excess reserves are drawn down to 114 per cent of liabilities.

“The costs to business are piling on and the NDP government is continuingly sending signals to the business community that Alberta is not a place to invest or do business,” Wildrose Labour Minister Glenn van Djiken said.
“Whether it’s the latest WCB mishandling, rapid increases to the minimum wage, the rushed labour review or an increase in taxes, it’s clear that this government does not care about restoring investor confidence or building jobs in the province.”

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