NDP gearing up for 2023 election

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

One can certainly say the Opposition NDP in Alberta won’t get caught off guard with an early surprise election.

The party announced March 12 it is opening the nomination process for potential candidates to “take on Kenney” [Premier Jason Kenney] in the next election, scheduled for 2023.

At press time, nominations were being accepted.

“We are gearing up for the 2023 election and part of that work involves finding Albertans who are committing to building a future for this province,” says Brandon Stevens, party provincial secretary.

“We are committed to undoing the damage and distrust from Jason Kenney and the UCP.”

Current NDP Leader and former premier Rachel Notley leads the party into battle.

“We need to put a crew of 86 dedicated Albertans around her. We are confident Albertans will be looking to this team to form the next government.”

Candidates who submit their name to the party for consideration will undergo a rigorous vetting process.

Stevens says interest is high.

“We out-fundraised the UCP last year, we are gearing up for our online convention in June. We have momentum and beginning the process to find candidates is an extension of that work.”

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