NDP carbon tax will significantly impact agriculture industry

Wildrose Party
News release
EDMONTON, AB (December 8, 2016):

This week, Wildrose Little Bow MLA Dave Schneider called on the Agriculture Minister to explain the economic impact of the NDP’s carbon tax on agri-food and agri-business in Alberta.

The NDP’s carbon tax will increase costs for families and those doing business in Alberta, especially greenhouse operators and other agri-food businesses that rely heavily on natural gas for heating. Alberta is the third largest exporter of agri-food products in Canada and cannot afford the additional strain of the NDP’s risky ideological policies.

“Will you stand and tell us what this government is doing to ensure companies in agri-food and agri-business can operate successfully in Alberta and compete with their counterparts in other jurisdictions?” Schneider asked.
“The carbon tax will have a major impact on people and businesses across Alberta and it’s unbelievable the NDP don’t want to do the homework on the impact this carbon tax will have on Alberta’s agriculture industry,” Schneider said.

Schneider’s video
You can hear a video clip of Schneider’s question on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/dschneiderwrp/videos/1762691070722360.

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