Municipal Election 2021: List of Candidates: Updated Sept. 21 at 6:45 a.m.

Editor’s note: The official list of nominations in different municipalities is not official until release on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Some municipalities have released unofficial lists while others have chosen not to do so. Please check this site for regular updates.

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Town of High Prairie

Big Lakes County

M.D. of Smoky River

Northern Sunrise County

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division

Town of McLennan

Village of Girouxville

Town of High Prairie

Unofficial List

Mayor [1 to be elected]

Brian Panasiuk

Barry Sharkawi

Councillors [6 to be elected]

Ross Burgar

Donna Deynaka

John Dunn

Brian Gilroy

Sasha Martens

Judy Stenhouse

James Waikle

Therese Yachshyn

Big Lakes County

Unofficial List

[1] to be elected in each ward

Ward 1 – Heart River/Salt Prairie

Kenneth Cox

Monica Kreiner

Garrett Zahacy

Ward 2 – Grouard

Daniel Brownell

Jeff Chalifoux

Mariah Herben

Ward 3 – Gilwood North/Triangle

Ken Matthews

Jim Zabolotniuk

Ward 4 – Kinuso

Roberta Grace Hunt

Ken Killeen

Owen Saitz

Ward 5 – Faust

Melissa Gray

Robert Nygaard

Ward 6 – Joussard

Richard Mifflin

Ward 7 – Enilda/Big Meadow

Donald Bissell

Cathy Hewko

Brandi Matula

Lane Monteith

Therese Morris

Ward 8 – Banana Belt/High Prairie East

Tyler Airth

Donald Charrois

Lauretta Payne

Ward 9 – Sunset House/Gilwood South

Travis Beamish

Ann Stewart

David Vanderwell

M.D. of Smoky River

Unofficial List

[1] to be elected in each division.

Division 1 – Guy

Donald Gosselin

Paula Guindon

Division 2 – Whitemud

Raymond Desaulniers

Raoul Johnson

Division 3 – Girouxville

Alain Blanchette

Jason Dolhan

Gilles Sylvain

Division 4 – Falher

Ron Desaulniers

Gilles Roy

Karin Scholl

Division 5 – McLennan

Robert Brochu

Marc Michaud

Division 6 – Jean Cote

Leo Simard

Andre Trudeau

Jeremie Turcotte

Northern Sunrise County

Unofficial List

[1] to be elected in each division.

Ward 1 – Harmon Valley/Reno

Carolyn Kolebaba

Ward 2 – Nampa Rural District

Marie Dyck

Jason Javos

Ward 3 – Marie Rene/Judah

Daniel Boisvert

Ward 4 – St. Isidore

Gilbert Bouchard

Art Laurin

Diane Martel

Sylvianne Riczu

Ward 5 – Three Creeks/Wesley Creek

Corinna Williams

Ward 6 – Cadotte lake/Little Buffalo

Gaylene Whitehead

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division

Unofficial List

[1] to be elected in each ward.

Ward 1 – High Prairie

Leanne Christy Cox

Ward 2 – McLennan.

No nominations submitted.

Ward 3 – Valleyview

John-Michael [JM] Pozniak

Ward 4 Sub 1 – Manning/Fort Vermilion

No nominations submitted.

Ward 4 Sub 2 – Grimshaw

No nominations submitted.

Ward 4 Sub 3 – Peace River/Nampa

John Francis Kuran

Daryl Richard Proulx

Kelly Patrick Whalen

Town of McLennan

Unofficial list


[1 to be elected]

Jon Buchinski

Terry Calliou

Jason Doris

Michele Fournier

Dwayne Stout


[6 to be elected]

Ronald Chalifoux

Sue Delaurier

Luc Dubrule

Maggie Gervais

Margaret Jacob

Marie Anne Jones

Shirley Ominayak

Yvonne Sawchyn

Village of Girouxville

[All five councillors elected by accalamation]

Alain Dion

Kelly Elliott

Ernest Johnson

Danielle Laflamme

Joseph Zdeb

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