Mud flies at the Smoky River Ag Society grounds on long weekend of Aug. 4-6

During the 400 Open Aug. 4, Derrick Gravel manages a time of 10.06 seconds.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The weather was warm and mud boggers converged at the Smoky River Ag Society grounds by Donnelly for lots of fun on the long weekend of Aug. 4-6.

“We run a nice show and we’re very happy for it,” says organizer Willie Wiebe.

“We had a beautiful turnout. The camaraderie is there, and the people love to be here.”

The event was held on Aug. 4 & 5, and there were to sets of runs down the 200-foot trenches each day, although some drivers got stuck in the trenches and a backhoe pulled them out. There was also some ATV action each day.

The winners in each category are as follows:

100 Stock
1. Aidan Gardiner.
2. Darius Goodswimmer.
3. Dave Lacrouse.

250 Stock
1. Leo Dumont.
2. Jason Dolhan.
3. Ray Pelletier.

400 Open
1. Peter Fehr.
2. Jesse Wave.
3. Dale Brulotte.

500 Class
1. Les Smith.
2. Peter Fehr.
3. Ernie Deslaurier.

600 Class
1. Les Smith.
2. Peter Fehr.
3. Kyle Gibson.

700 Open
1. Perry Dean.
2. Andrew Hudson.
3. Laine Roberts.

ATV action
1. Shane Talbot.
2. Tory Mazerolle.

Besides the mud bogging action, the band Spaghetti-O’s of Sturgeon Lake performed in the evening of Aug. 4.

During the 500 Stock Class Aug. 4, Sam Deslaurier completes the 200-foot trench run in a time of 11.59 seconds.
Above, during ATV action on Aug. 4, Angel Russell manages a time of 15.75 seconds.
Above, the Spaghetti-O Band from Sturgeon Lake performs at the Smoky River Ag Society grounds in the evening of Aug. 4. The songs they performed included ‘Who’ll Stop the Rain’ by Creedance Clearwater Revival.
During the 750 Class action on Aug. 4, Andrew Hudson manages a time of 9.66 seconds.


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