MP goes to bat for newspapers

Shift to supporting American also concerns AWNA

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Do you want to support Canadian or American?

It’s the question asked by Bow River MP Martin Shields in the House of Commons last week.

Shields stood up in the House of Commons to expose the government’s abandonment of community weekly newspaper, and exhort all departments to support local media and not U.S. tech companies.

Shields has long been a supporter of weekly newspapers in his riding and promotes their vital role in circulating local news and information.

The Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association has met three times with Shields since January. Shields recognized AWNA and its members plight with the American giants. Shields was provided with data showing the decided shift of government advertising away from newspapers towards digital media.

Media giants like Facebook and Google are owned by American companies. They pay no taxes to support local communities and provide no jobs.

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