Mother Nature up to her old tricks!

Unusual weather conditions created what are called snow rollers in the High Prairie region on Jan. 24. Photos show the results of the phenomena just east of High Prairie. The wind creates a small snowball which begins to roll in a field and creates a snow roller. Most of the snow rollers were a few centimetres or inches in diameter. Snow rollers were also reported in Big Meadow northest of town. Photos of snow rollers created in Enilda on Dec. 20, 2006 were featured in the South Peace News issue of Jan. 3, 2007.

Dozens of snow rollers decorate the north side of Highway 2 just east of High Prairie by the East Gate area Jan. 24. Conditions have to be perfect to create the snow rollers – lots of wind and wet snow.
Snow rollers also laid on the south side of Highway 2 across from the East Gate business area. Alternative names for snow rollers include snow bales, snow doughnuts, snownuts and wind snowballs.

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