More success for GPV junior badminton team, they bring home 17 medals from Valleyview

Pictured above are some of the GPV junior high badminton medal winners. In front, from left, are Ryanne Chailler, Skylar Gagne, Kiera Doran and Hannah Sasseville. In back, from left, are Coach Dan Turcotte, Christian Nolette and Alex Gauthier. Not shown are Tyson Tokarz, Jaydyn Boucher, Kyle Guenette, Abbey Doris, Mackenzie Parker, Brianna Willier, Cameron Henley, Aldeen Garcia, Treyton Anderson, Charles Castro and Josh Tardif.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The junior badminton at Georges P. Vanier continues to enjoy success, as they brought home 17 medals from an invitational tournament.

“I am impressed,” says Coach Dan Turcotte. “The kids played hard. Being that this was just their second tournament of the season, they played very well and with composure, especially the Grade 7s.”

The team travelled to Hillside Junior High Senior High in Valleyview on April 21, and they faced 11 other schools. The GPV players brought home 17 medals and placed second overall and the team was just three points behind first place.

The medal recipients are:

. Tyson Tokarz.
. Jaydyn Boucher.

. Kiera Doran.
. Alex Gauthier.
. Kyle Guenette
. Abbey Doris.
. Mackenzie Parker.
. Brianna Willier.
. Christian Nolette.
. Ryanne Chailler.

. Cameron Henley.
. Skylar Gagne.
. Aldeen Garcia.
. Treyton Anderson.
. Charles Castro.
. Josh Tardif.
. Hannah Sasseville.

The junior team went to Prairie River Junior High in High Prairie on April 26, for an invitational tournament.


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