More photos of the Zirka Dancers

The senior group performs ‘Hopah’, which is described as having true fire and soul.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Zirka Dancers of High Prairie were at the Guy community hall in the evening of Jan. 13.

They entertained guests following a Ukrainian-themed dinner of sausages, cabbage rolls, borscht and other items.

This event was a fundraiser for the Guy Sports Committee, with the the proceeds going to building improvement.

But the committee also made a donation of $1,220 to the Zirka Dancers.

The beginner group consisting of Maelle Lewis, Serenity Forseille and Ryan Smith performs ‘Little Sparks’.
Kristen Bruder, above, offered two performances, the ‘Bukovanian Solo’ and ‘Transcarpathian Solo’.
Pictured above is the novice group performing ‘Poltavian Partners’. Their members of consist of Faith Bruneau, Kalista Chalifoux, Elly Belesky, Winter Chalifoux and Jemma Hesse.
Above, junior dancers Gillian Blackhurst and Logan Bruder perform a character duet.

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