More dazzling and comical costumes from the LAHF Troupe production, ‘Once Upon a Time’

Pictured above are four cast members of LAHF Troupe. Clockwise from left are J.P. Maure as Colin the Fuzz, Normand Duval as Peter Pan, Paul Benoit as Woody and Gerald Nolette as the Genie.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
The annual LAHF Troupe production is not only about live theatre and entertainment, it is also about the great costumes that both actors and guests wear.

This year’s production, entitled ‘Once Upon a Time’, featured a wide variety of elaborately designed costumes, wigs, props and makeup for both actors and guests.

LAHF Troupe brought together characters from a wide variety of children’s stories, including ‘Snow White’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Little Bo Peep’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

The Local Actors Having Fun Troupe performs mystery dinner theatre, whereby a character is murdered and the audience has to figure out who did it.

The character murdered was Pig Winkle and the audience for both performances voted for the two Munchkins as the perpetrators.

Many guests were dressed in similar or identical costumes for both performances. Guests voted for whom they thought were the best dressed female, male and couple.

For the February 25 performance, Kim Lussier was the best dressed female, as Cruella Deville of ‘101 Dalmations’; Jason Bartel was the best dressed male, as the Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’; while Denis Grenier as the Prince and Linnea Grenier as Rapunzel, won for the best dressed couple.

For March 4, Kathie Clifford was best dressed female, as Cruella; Jeff Romanchuk was best dressed male, as Captain Hook; and Jason and Shane Talbot for best dressed couple as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Pictured above, left-right, are Julie St. Laurent as one of the Munchkins, Charlotte Kealy who handled the curtains and lights on stage, and Carol Parker as the other Munchkin. The Munchkins found themselves in the middle of murder accusations.
Run for your lives! There’s a Mad Hatters’ convention in town! Left-right are Denise Bjornson and Jordan Drouin, a LAHF Troupe cast member. In real life, they are aunt and nephew.
Will the real Little Red Riding Hood please step forward? From left are Ashley Doran and LAHF Troupe member Doris Drouin.
Pictured above is Elaine Moore as Mother Goose at the March 4 performance.
Jason Talbot, left, and Shane Talbot are the best dressed couple for the February 25 performance. Jacqui Melnyk presents the prize.
Rapunzel, let down your hair! Above is the best dressed couple for the February 25 performance. Denis Grenier is the Prince and Linnea Grenier is Rapunzel. Jacqui Melnyk, a LAHF Troupe member, is the presenter.
Jeff Romanchuk won for best dressed male at the March 4 performance. Doris Drouin, aka Little Red Riding for LAHF Troupe, presents Romanchuk with his prize at the end of the evening.
Jason Bartel was the best dressed male for the February 25 performance. Doris Drouin, who plays Little Red Riding Hood in the LAHF Troupe production, presents him with his prize.
Kathie Clifford, aka Cruella Deville, won for best dressed female March 4. With her, Beckie Sasseville (middle) & Debbie Crawford.
Kim Lussier, aka Cruella Deville of ‘101 Dalmations’, was the best dressed female for the February 25 performance.
Tanis Boyko as the Queen of Hearts and Mary Crowley as Winnie the Pooh.
Pictured above, Hilda Grenier as Glinda the Witch.
Alex Lambright as the Dark Mad Hatter and Kerri Carter as the Chesire Cat.
Lise Poirier, the director of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and dressed as Mother Nature.
Brenda Maure, as Puff the Magic Dragon, flew in for each act and told jokes.
Pictured above is Jacqui Melnyk, who played Cinderella, Elsa and Sleeping Beauty. Depending on the scene, you would talk to anyone of these ladies.
Above, Marianne Chalifoux as Tinkerbell.
Sandy Nolette as Show White, next to her twin.
Pictured above, in front, are Lynn Florence as the Fairy Godmother, Doris Drouin as Little Red Riding Hood and Alysia Sharpe as Little Bo Peep. In back is Aiden Charest as JZ Gor. Look for more photos of the production at

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