MLA gives an overview of bills before the legislature

Marg McCuaig-Boyd
Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley

To my fellow Constituents, for this month’s column I thought I would address the current (very busy) session in the Legislature. I thought it might be helpful to give a brief overview of the Bills that have been discussed over the past few weeks

As this is a brief overview, you can always receive more information on these bills, and any others, by contacting the constituency office in Falher (780) 837-3846 or in Fairview 1-866-835-4988. For more in depth information on any specific bills, you can also check online at

Bill 19 — An Act to

Protect Gas and Convenience Store Workers

Over the last three years violence at fuel stations and convenience stores has killed five workers and seriously injured three others. No family should suffer the loss of a loved one over a tankful of stolen gas.

These changes that aim to prevent these incidents from happening again in two ways; first, by making customers prepay for their fuel either at the pump or by prepaying the attendant before fueling up and, second, by making violence prevention plans mandatory.

Bill 22 — Resident and Family Councils Act

This legislation is close to my heart, because residents and families involved in long-term care and supportive living deserve a say in their quality of life and how it can be improved.

Bill 22 guarantees resident and family councils in all long-term care and licensed supportive living facilities.

Resident and family councils play a crucial role in many communities, but no consistent requirements exist for all Alberta long-term care and supportive living facilities.

With Bill 22 I hope we can all make life better for Albertans by ensuring residents and their families have opportunities to help create caring, supportive environments.

Bill 24 — An Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances

Every student deserves a school that is a welcoming, caring and safe place to learn. This legislation strengthens existing supports for students wishing to create or join gay straight alliances at their schools. It also provides clarity on parental notification for student clubs, including GSAs and how this differs from notification around other programs of study.

Across Alberta, there have been hundreds if not thousands of conversations around kitchen tables about ensuring that human rights in this province are extended to everyone. I’m proud of the work the government has done to strengthen supports for LGBTQ students, and I’m proud of many, many people in our region who have engaged in thoughtful dialogue with the government and with each other about how we can move Alberta forward.

Bill 203 — Alberta Standard Time Act

Originally introduced in April of 2017, Bill 203 had been under review by The Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future. As part of the review meetings were held from May through to September 2017. Written submissions were solicited from members of the public and from stakeholders. Over 13,000 written submissions from members of the public were received, along with 15 from stakeholders as well as oral presentations from stakeholders and the Bill’s sponsor, Mr. Thomas Dang, MLA for Edmonton-South West.

A subcommittee was also set up for the purpose of seeking further public input on the Bill in the cities of Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge. At its meetings, the subcommittee received oral presentations from over 100 individuals. In October a Final Report on Bill 203 was delivered, it recommended that Bill 203 not proceed. The Committee further recommended “That the Government of Alberta engage other jurisdictions in Canada and the United States to discuss a coordinated approach to eliminating the practice of observing daylight saving time.”

The Committee further observed “That approximately 75 per cent of the submissions en masse to the committee were in support of abolishing the observance of daylight saving time and identified that it has a negative effect on, but not limited to, their physical and mental well-being, their children, families, productivity at home, at work, at school, and the safety on the roads.”

On October 30th the Committee’s report was discussed, and Bill 203 was not proceeded with.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention Bill 26 & 29, both to do will Cannabis Legalization.

There is plenty of information to come on this topic, so please keep reading this monthly column or, please reach out to our Constituency Offices.

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