Minor repairs delay opening

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Nothing to worry about!
Delays in the grand opening of the 20-unit Pleasantview Lodge expansion project in High Prairie are due to the contractor, Stuart Olson, “falling behind in the work required to complete the project,” says Heart River Housing board chair Myrna Lanctot in an email Oct. 3.
“There is minor deficiencies that have not been completed,” she adds. “We are expecting to pass preoccupancy inspection in the next few weeks.
South Peace News received calls over the delays, one saying the work did not pass government inspection. The accusation is not true, says Lanctot.
“The government does not do the inspection,” she writes.
On Sept. 19, Heart River had inspections completed from Superior Safety Codes, the Town of High Prairie’s fire chief, and L7 Architecture.
“All three of these organizations must pass the life safety of the building,” says Lanctot.
“Each one of these had found some minor deficiencies or work, not 100 per cent completed.”
She cited examples:

  • Superior found a deficiency in a railing, since fixed;
  • L7 found a wrong door handle on bifold doors, and a problem with the connection of the fire alarm to the front door, since fixed;
  • the fire chief found one missing panic door hardware, since installed.
    Other deficiencies are being fixed.
    “We are looking forward to another inspection Oct. 12 with our construction committee and the three inspection groups,” writes Lanctot.
    “If everything goes well we then apply for our occupancy permit and look at moving people in after occupancy permit has been obtained.”
    A grand opening for the 20-unit addition was planned for Oct. 14.

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