MD begins “Residential Cistern Installation Incentive,” program for Whitemud Area

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130 “Residential Cistern Installation Incentive,” program is part of the MD’s commitment to making potable water more accessible.

The aim of the program is to increase potable water access to households within a specific geographic area, known locally as the “Whitemud Area,” as the Smoky River Co-op does not reach the vicinity. To be eligible for the “Residential Cistern Installation Incentive” program, a household must meet all of the following criteria: the household must be located within the municipal district of Smoky River No. 130 south of the Little Smoky River, north of Township Road 750, between Range Road 200 in the east to Range Road 240 in the west.

Only the installation of a new cistern system qualifies for this program, as the program stipulates that the system must be a new, approved residential cistern for use with potable water, and the system must include all materials (cistern tank, pressure system, valves, pipes etc.) everything needed for the cistern to function properly.

The program comes into effective once the Municipality approves a household’s application and participation in the program ceases following the installation of the cistern system.

The Municipality is not responsible for any costs incurred before project approval, and any costs incurred that the Municipality has not pre-approved remain the responsibility of the homeowner.

Through the “Residential Cistern Installation Incentive,” program, the MD of Smoky River No. 130, will pay for 33 percent (one-third) of the costs for the installation of a new household cistern system, to a maximum of $6,000, payable when the project is complete.

Applicants are required to complete and submit form 8-M1 “Residential Cistern Installation Incentive – Applicant checklist” and provide all supporting documentation to the Municipality for approval.

“This is a new program we are trying in the Whitemud Area to give people the opportunity to have potable water at a reasonable cost,” says Smoky River MD Reeve, Robert Brochu. “Life is all about water and water is all about life.”

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