M.D. council approves road closure lease agreement

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on Aug. 10, council for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 approved second and third readings for a road closure lease agreement.
The M.D. has made the agreement with Gus and Barb Arsenault.
Council also gave first reading for the municipal development plan. A public hearing will be held during the council meeting on Oct. 12.
Power line salvages approved
Council approved two power line salvages.
The first is located at LSD 10-31-77-21-W5M, located south of Falher. The second is located at LSD 15-16-75-21-W5M, located west of Guy.
M.D. to retain rock for future projects
Council passed a motion to retain a rock source, located by the old community hall at Whitemud, for future projects.
Purchase of pressure washer system for the new fire hall
Council approved the purchase of the Landa pressure washer system from Vic’s Care of Falher.
The system will cost $10,502.94 and it will be installed as part of the new regional fire hall in Falher.
Smoky River Water Co-op
Rita Maure, a member of the Smoky River Water Co-op, was a delegate during the council meeting.
She discussed the status of the co-op, noting that several more applicants have put in their request to join.
Council approved a motion to provide up to $40,000 to move one booster station above ground.

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