McLennan’s weekly “Games Night” a fun community event during winter season

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

To create an opportunity for the community to get together during the winter months, “Games Night” is taking place at the McLennan Legion Hall every Thursday at 7pm, beginning January 18 and running until April 26.

“We are going to have some munchies, coffee and juice, it’s just to get everybody together because in the winter there is not much to do,” says Yvonne Sawchyn, who, along with Francis Lessard is one of the organizers of the event.

Games Night is a new initiative that will include cards, board games, shuffleboard and darts, with an initial emphasis on darts.

“We’re starting off simple,” says Francis Lessard. “We’ve got some new dart boards that we are putting up, that’s going to be the main focus right now. But if people want to play cards instead of darts there is no problem with that and looking into the future we’ll have possibly shuffleboard and other games.”

Yvonne Sawchyn says that if there is a good response to the event, if there is a demand, Games Night will start up again next fall.

While the event is held in the Legion Hall, it is not exclusive to Legion members as anyone in the community is encouraged to participate and both adults and young people are welcome.

“Anybody who is interested in darts… if a younger person wants to learn about it they can come and play as well,” says Lessard.

There is no charge to participate in Games Night but people can leave a donation towards the Legion if they wish.

If people want to contribute ideas about what kinds of games are involved they are welcome to do so.

“Since we are starting and none of us have done this before it is going to be a bit of a learning process. We want to see what people want to do and we are open to ideas that’s for sure,” says Lessard.

For information, call Francis @ 780-536-6672.


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