McLennan street paving projects are now in progress

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

After some slight delays, a number of street paving projects, funded with MSI Capital funds, are now underway in McLennan.

Road construction work on Railway Avenue, scheduled to begin on July 3, got going on July 12. Ruel Bros. Contracting, a division of E Construction Ltd., have the Railway Avenue contract that also includes work on 1st Street N.E, and 1st Avenue N.W. from the corner of ATB Financial to the corner of Providence School grounds.

The paving work on the south side of the railway tracks, which also had a tentative start date of July 3 began on July 11. The paving contract for the south side awarded to LADAK Services Ltd includes a portion of 5th Avenue N.E. in the mobile home park and the street behind the H.W. Fish arena.

Streets closures and disruptions to traffic should be expected while the work is in progress, which with six-day workweeks is estimated to take a month.

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