McLennan signs Regional Fire Protection Services Agreement

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

While McLennan Fire Department has operated under the direction of a Regional Fire Chief since 2002, the new regional Fire Protection Services Agreement with the MD of Smoky River effective from January 1, 2016 and formally signed on January 20, makes the provision of emergency services the official responsibility of the MD of Smoky River Fire Department.

Other municipalities, the Town of Falher and the Village of Girouxville have been contracting the Fire Protection Services for number years from the MD. The Village of Donnelly had signed an agreement January 1, 2015.
Under the newly formed Regional Fire Protection Services Agreement, all municipalities within the MD signed a new five-year agreement.

Under the new 5-year Fire Protection Services Agreement, the town of McLennan will continue to have a functioning fire hall and a permanent, on-site pumper truck with the M.D. taking responsibility to maintain the firefighting apparatus in good and operating condition at all times.

Prior to signing the agreement, the McLennan Tax Payers carried the operational cost including the maintenance of equipment and the fire hall for the McLennan Fire Department.

Under the new agreement, the Town of McLennan contracts and pays for fire and emergency response services from the MD of Smoky River, which will result in a reduction of costs for the town.

Emergency response include fire calls, calls to assist with motor vehicle accidents, and medical assistance calls.

As part of the agreement, the M.D. will supply an annual, unaudited financial report to the Town and an audited financial report every five years.

In a separate agreement, the MD has signed a five-year lease for the McLennan Fire Hall, with the upkeep of that building remaining the responsibility of the Town. To fulfill this responsibility the town will continue to put aside funds for fire hall maintenance.

The McLennan fire hall is a well-maintained property built in 1976. Its most recent upgrades are the replacement of the overhead doors in 2013 and the construction of a new concrete pad at the front of the building in June 2015.

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