McLennan Recreation Board discusses multi-sport facility proposal with McLennan Council

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

McLennan Recreation is looking at building a multi-sport facility and has put together a proposal that it brought to McLennan Council at Council’s regular meeting in December.

The Recreation Board requested a letter of support from council as well as a donation of $15,000 towards the project, which council approved.

Among the advantages of funding the multi-sport facility, McLennan Recreation Board lists the social value of creating a healthy work/life balance while fostering community, economic development and a positive image in promoting town and community pride.

The proposed multi-sport facility specifications are 50ft by 100ft, which can facilitate basketball, hockey/futsal, volleyball, pickleball, badminton and more.

The Budget for the 5,000 square feet of sports court tile, removable sports court net poles, net and net adjustment system, rebounder system, sports court line painting, sports court hockey set, LED Single Light Systems plus shipping and travel is estimated at $47,009.

This estimate does not include concrete base, or labour but with fencing, some sports equipment and concrete base work the estimated cost of the project is at $107,009.

Proposed total cost of the project, taking into account inflation and possible discrepancies is $120,000.

Possible sources of revenue for the multi-sports facility are a Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant funding of $60,000, casino and grant funding/ crowd-sourcing $45,000, Town of McLennan $15,000, totaling $120,000.

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