McLennan proposing Adopt-a-Lot grass cutting program

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Everyone in McLennan must take more pride and do a better job to beautify the town.

It’s what McLennan town council decided at its June 14 meeting.

However, some of the blame rests with council, who cut a position in public works in the 2021 budget, and later heard the department is falling behind in grass cutting and trimming on municipal property and parks.

Councillor Dwayne Stout opened discussion and expressed disappointment with citizens not cutting grass on boulevards beside their property.

“It would help a lot,” he said.

Municipal properties are another matter. Town foreman Rene Maure told council lots in town were not yet cut because properties on Highway 2 were first priority. He added they used to have two employees cutting grass, now they have only one.

It prompted council to suggest innovative ways to deal with the problem.

“Adopt-a-Lot,” suggested Councillor Luc Dubrule.

The program would have students cut lots and be paid a nominal fee.

Councillor Sue Delaurier liked the idea, adding perhaps students could get credits in school for volunteering.

“Do it after school and on Saturday,” she added. “Every little bit helps.”

Maure was a bit hesitant, saying students taking part at first were excited, but interest tended to wane as the summer proceeded.

“If you guys could swing it, it’s sure be nice,” he added.

Maure added public works could also provide students with weed trimers.

Administration will work on the program and bring a proposal back to council.

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