Town of McLennan Council Notebook – November 14, 2017

McLennan Council: Back Row: Leo Giroux, Dwayne Stout, Eckhard Christen and Isaac Kocherla. Front Row: Sue Delaurier, Michele Fournier and Marie Anne Jones.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Community Partnership Meeting

Council approved Councillor Marie Anne Jones attending the McLennan Chamber of Commerce Community Partnership Meeting on behalf of the Town of McLennan.

Kimiwan Lake Interpretive Centre

On a motion by Councillor Leo Giroux, Council approved to budget in 2018, for the replacement of the furnace at Kimiwan Lake Interpretive Centre. As per the agreement between the Town and the Kimiwan Lake Society, the Town is responsible for major repairs to keep the building at an acceptable standard for operation.

Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment & Retention

On a motion by Councillor Sue Delaurier, Council approved the 2018 proposed Physician Recruitment Coordinator Budget as presented and to provide its requisition for $2,949.85.

Town of McLennan Volunteer Appreciation Night

Council approved providing its budget of $4,500 to the Smoky River Regional Golf Course Society in return for the society assume responsibility for hosting and providing entertainment for Volunteer Appreciation Night.

CN Railway Crossing

Council approved sending a letter to CN Rail and AB Transportation regarding safety concerns with the height of the crossing at the West entrance to the Town of McLennan. Councillors are concerned that the current height of the crossing is potentially dangerous for motorist.

Regional Assessment Review Board

Council approved the Bylaw 2017-05 and the agreement to form a regional assessment review board in accordance to the new MGA regulations.

Hamelin/Leiding Park

Council is seeking input from residents on the future of the Hamelin/Leiding park as the park is deteriorating and Council would like ideas on what residents would like to see done.

H.W. Fish Arena Usage

Council reviewed the 2016/17 season usage of the H.W. Fish Arena and recognized that there were still prime ice slots available for rent at a low cost of $100 per hour. Council would like greater promotion the arena especially with the new lights and the upgraded dressing rooms.

Smoky River Regional Economic Development

Representatives of the Smoky River Regional Economic Development Board, Avis Gagne, Nolan Parker and Diane Chiason made a presentation to Council highlighting recent projects as well as outlining the mandate and responsibilities of Economic Development.

Avis Gagne stated the board has a regional focus and is stronger with all five municipalities on board. Economic Development is available to assist with developing marketing tools to attract new economic ventures to the region and to promote existing programs and services. They also assist existing commercial and industrial businesses with proposed expansion or diversification projects.

To obtain further information on how Economic Development can assist your business such as available grant funding contact Diane Chiason and provide your business email address to her to ensure you receive emails highlighting what is available to businesses.

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