Town of McLennan Notebook for March 13, 2018

Submitted by the Town of McLennan

Town of McLennan Library Board
Librarian, Maureen Fisher provided Council with a tour of the library, then returned to the
Council Chamber to present their 2017 year in review report. The library continues to offer free memberships this year as it was well utilized last year. Maureen provided a review of the activities held at the Library in 2017 and the stats for the year.
Board Member Philippa O’Mahony stated they will be having a focus group meeting on April 12th to set the goals and objectives of the library for the next three years and the public is welcome to attend.

McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce
President Daniel Labrecque attended to provide Council with a basic overview of the happenings of the Chamber. They have 40 members however they are struggling to have members come out to Chamber meetings.
The Chamber is in the early stages of looking at amalgamating with the Falher Chamber.

Reimbursement to Thaw Frozen Water Line
Council approved reimbursing the cost to thaw out a frozen water line to a resident as the line was frozen approximately 5ft. from the Town’s main line. The cost of $409.53 was reimbursed as the cause of the problem was no fault to the property owner but rather due to the changes in temperature this winter and the frost moving down.

AUMA Police Funding Letter Writing Campaign
Council chose to receive the request to write a letter to the MLAs regarding police funding as information only. Currently municipalities under 5,000 and municipal districts and counties are exempt from paying policing cost. In an email to Council, AUMA believes in the “every municipality should pay” concept, whereby the province adopts a more equitable funding formula based on population and property assessment, with the resulting funds being used for crime prevention and response.

Smoky River Airport
Council approved the 2018 airport budget as presented and approved to provide our share of the requisition in the amount of $15,980.24.

Town of McLennan Entrance Sign
Council gave their stamp of approval on the town entrance sign. The new signs will be installed early this summer. Whether the signs will be installed in the same location among the Chamber signs has yet to be determined by Council.


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