McLennan Library powers up new electronics program

Kids participating in the McLennan Library's new electronics program display the device they built during the age 8 to 12 session on March 2.
Kids participating in the McLennan Library’s new electronics program display the device they built during the age 8 to 12 session on March 2.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The McLennan Library Electronics Program got underway on March 2. The session for the age 8 to 12 year olds, ran from 4.15 to 5.15 pm with six kids working in pairs.

During that initial session, the children worked on some basic structures to get them familiar with the dynamics of the “Circuits in Seconds” kits.

The instructor, Adrian Dyck, a carpenter by trade also has a keen interest in electronics. Dyck, originally from Prince George BC, moved from Toronto to McLennan about two years ago.

Having also worked as an English as a second language teacher, Dyck showed an easy facility with providing instruction and keeping the kids focused on their projects.

The kits comprise of motors, wheels, lights, switches, etc. that can be put together to create devices with coordinated moving parts that are maneuverable by remote control. The component parts clip onto an indented motherboard and adhere to one another with magnets.

“Circuits in Seconds” kits represent the rudimentary principles of circuitry but have a surprising amount of versatility in how the pieces allow the children to build simple, functioning mechanisms.

While these are small-scale, fun projects, the skills learned through this process are useful, providing a foundation in how to utilize conceptual and technical skill, as the same principles can be applied later to larger, real life projects.

Due to the limited number of kits, the electronics program is not setup on a drop in basis so anyone who wishes to participate in the sessions must be preregistered.

The first teen’s electronics is on Wednesday, March 9 at 4.15 pm.

Because of other events programmed in the library and the instructor’s schedule, the dates have yet to confirmed for the April electronics sessions for both teens and 8 to 12 year old groups.

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