From bingo to fireworks McLennan Family Day celebration was about family, community and having fun

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
The 2017 McLennan Family Day was organized using the proverb “the best times are always found with friends and family gathered round,” and so it was on February 19 when families and others in the local community came out to participate in the Family Day events.

The Elks Hall opened at approximately 2pm and prize bingo, eagerly played by both adults and kids took place between 3pm and 4.30pm with numerous prizes donated by local businesses.

Hot chocolate, coffee, juice and popcorn were available throughout the afternoon and hotdogs were served from 4.30pm to 6pm.

A welcomed addition to the line up of events was the sleigh rides that took place from 5pm to 7pm, taking the picturesque route along the lakeshore to the site of the bonfire and back to the pickup spot on Lakeview Avenue, just below Centre Street.

The weather was just cold enough to be seasonal and with some fresh snow, conditions were perfect for the sleigh rides.

The kids also brought their tubes and sleds, playing on the hill above the site of the bonfire.

Other events were family skating at W.H. Fish Arena, door prizes at the Elks Hall and the last event of the day, the fireworks display took place on the lakeshore at 7.30pm.

The Family Day celebrations are organized by the McLennan Parks and Recreation Board who are also one of its sponsors. Other sponsors include The Royal Purple, Town of McLennan, Smoky River Regional Fire Department, Dan the Stickman and the McLennan Trade and Recreation Fair.

The weather was just cold enough to be seasonal and with some fresh snow, conditions were ideal for the Family Day sleigh rides, which were a particular favourite with the kids.

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