Town of McLennan Council Notebook – September 10, 2018

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Physician House
Council approved to proceed with the purchase of a physician house in partnership with the MD of Smoky River, Village of Girouxville and the Village of Donnelly.

ATCO Gas – 2019 Franchise Fee
Council motioned to maintain the franchise fee at 2.75%.

Exhibition Roller Derby
Council approved waiving the arena rental fee for the McLennan Local Recreation Board exhibition roller derby game on April 13th, 2019.

Aqua Flow System
Council approved to reimburse a property owner without precedent for the full cost of installing an aqua flow system $3,443.89 after his water line froze this winter under the roadway.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and Intermunicipal Development Plan
It was moved by Councillor Jones to accept Vicinia Planning and Engagement Inc. proposal to develop ICF’s and IDP’s for the region and that the Town obtain a quote to revise and update its Land Use Bylaw.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
What is currently in place: At present, the Municipal Government Act (MGA) gives municipalities the option of engaging in cooperative initiatives with neighbouring municipalities through mechanisms such as inter-municipal agreements or development plans, mutual aid agreements and regional services commissions. These initiatives are typically done on an ad-hoc basis.
What is the issue: The principle, that municipalities should focus on their own taxpayers and local interests and that intermunicipal collaboration should be voluntary, has been successful on many fronts. However, the voluntary nature of these discussions has meant that many services are duplicated where a regional approach may lead to greater efficiency.
What is changing: The implementation of mandatory regional mechanisms for land-use planning, requiring municipalities to work together regarding service delivery and cost-sharing.
What this means: All municipalities will be required to adopt an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework that highlights and formalizes existing collaborative work.


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