McLennan Council Notebook, June 12, 2017

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Asset Management Program
On a motion by Councillor Eckhard Christen, the Town of McLennan in partnership with the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, the Town of Falher, the Village of Donnelly and the Village of Girouxville will submit a grant application to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to assist with the Smoky River Regional Asset Management Project.

Tax Incentive Policy
In accordance to the Town of McLennan Tax Incentive Policy, any development permit approved prior to the commencement of a development is entitled to a tax rebate on the municipal tax levy only. Council approved a total of $7,079.73 in tax rebates this year. Overalll, eight property owners have taken advantage of the program.

New 3-way Stop Signs on Bousfield and MacMillan Avenue
Residents and Council are concerned with the excessive speed of vehicles on the south side of McLennan. To assist in the slowing down of traffic, Council has approved the installation of two 3-way stops, one at the intersection of Preston Street and Bousfield Avenue, the other at Preston Street and MacMillan Avenue. In addition to the new 3-way stops, speed limit signs will be posted to remind motorists of the speed limit within town and the Town of McLennan will ask the RCMP to increase patrolling in that area.

Town of McLennan Entrance Signs
On a motion by Councillor John Nairn, Council approved the purchase of two new cedar sandblasted Town of McLennan entrance signs from Wallah Fairway Markets at a total cost of $15,900.

Tax Rebate
In accordance to the Municipal Government Act, a Council has the authorization to cancel, reduce, refund or defer a particular taxable property or business if it considers it equitable to do so. After careful consideration of a request from a business owner for a five-year tax break for the construction of a new parking lot, Council, on a motion from Councillor Gary Fisher, approved a rebate for the 2017 municipal tax levy of $19,969. Mayor Jason Doris declared a pecuniary interest and abstained from the discussion and voting and Councillor Leo Giroux was not at the meeting, therefore did not vote on the matter.
While Council agreed that, not just customers of the business but the general public frequently use the parking lot, some Councillors felt that the town was already providing sufficient support with the $100,000 contribution to assist with the off-site cost for drainage issues. The business owner had in the past, contributed partial cost of the back-lane paving adjacent to his business and therefore Council felt it was only fair to assist with the parking lot paving as everyone uses it. The business owner was invited to re-submit his request for future tax breaks after the elections as legally waiving property taxes for an extended period is fettering a future council’s discretion. Councillor John Nairn stated that a precedent had already been set to assist businesses, with the Town assisting a new business with a tax break a few years ago.

Canada Day 150th Celebration
The Town as per the donation policy will provide $150 to the Kimiwan Birdwalk and Railway Museum to assist with the Canada Day 150th Celebration taking place at the Birdwalk Interpretive Centre, July 1st.

Development Permit – 2017-03
On a motion by Councillor Margaret Jacob, Council approved the placement of a 1996 mobile home on Lot 17, Block 2, Plan 1394EU.

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