McLennan Council Notebook, June 12, 2017

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Catholic Cemetery
Council approved to enter an agreement with La Corporation Episcopale for the grass cutting at McLennan Catholic Cemetery.

Bike Racks
In response to a resident’s letter to Council suggesting bike racks be placed at various locations in the Town, Council approved purchasing two bike racks, one to be placed one at the Kimiwan Lake Interpretive Centre and the other at the Hamelin/Leiding Park.

St. Paul’s Heritage House
Council approved waiving the property taxes for St. Paul’s Heritage House, a municipal historical site.

Urban Chickens
A request was submitted to Council to amend the Animal Control Bylaw to permit keeping chickens within Town limits. Council discussed the request and researched how keeping chickens has been permitted in other communities. Council denied the request due to concerns that the Town has limited staff to deal with incidents regarding animals.

Sewage Rates
An increase of $2.50 per month for sewage charges was approved by Council. The increase will become effective on July 1st.Tax Incentive

Tax Incentive
Property owners are eligible for a tax rebate on any improvements carried out to their property that may increase its overall assessment, providing theyobtained a development permit prior to the commencement of the project. A rebate is also applied for any new structures on properties. They receive a 100 percent rebate the first year, 66 percent the following year and 33 percent the third year. A total rebate of $6,793.36 was approved for 2018.


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