Town of McLennan Council Notebook – July 9, 2018

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Peace Officers
Senior peace officer Alan Bloom and peace officer Erica Thiessen attended the July 9 council meeting to outline “unsightly property enforcement” process and procedure.

Road Improvements
Council motioned to award the contract for the 2018 Road Improvement project to Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd. for an estimated cost of $161,800. Second Street NE, between 3rd Avenue NE and 4th Avenue NE, is scheduled to be resurfaced in September.

Public Participation Policy
Council approved the Public Participation Policy as presented. Under the new Municipal Government Act all municipalities in Alberta are required to have a Public Participation Policy.

Physician House
Councillor Sue Delaurier and CAO Lorraine Willier were appointed to the Physician Housing Committee to oversee the sale of the current physician house and the subsequent purchase of another house.

Hamelin – Leiding Park
On a motion by Councillor Dwayne Stout, the Town of McLennan will pay for the grass vegetation control spraying in the sand area of the Hamelin – Leiding Park playground next to the H.W. Fish Arena. Following the spraying, the next step is to have the sand rototilled and the grass removed from the sand.

House Demolition
Council has requested that administration obtain quotes for the demolition of the house situated on Lot 18, Block 22, Plan 8355ET.

Asset Management Policy
The Asset Management Policy was approved as presented to Council. The policy will be part of the Asset Management Plan that the municipality has currently underway. The plan will assist municipalities prepare a 5 year capital plan.

Donation Policy
Council amended the town’s donation policy, which now stipulates that organizations that receive financial support from the Town of McLennan must send at least one or a limit of two representatives to two meetings annually.


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