McLennan Council Notebook – July 10, 2017

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Municipal Census
The 2017 Municipal Census count was 791, an increase of 90 people from the federal census taken in 2016. At the time of the data collection, the vacancy rate was 12%. Diane Chiasson recommended that the Town of McLennan complete their own Municipal Census every year following a Federal Census to ensure the numbers are correct. Accurate census numbers are important in guaranteeing that the municipality receives the maximum funding from the Province.

Kiosk Display
On a motion from Councillor Margaret Jacob, Council approved the McLennan Leisure and Recreational Societies proposal to install a kiosk display on the lakeshore subject to the approval of a development permit. Also, in regards to the ponds on the lakeshore they requested approval to build a bridge over the opening between the two berms and a look out cabin between the two ponds.

Show ‘n Shine
Council approved the McLennan and District Chamber of Commerce using the College Meadows field for its annual show ‘n shine on August 5th.

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