McLennan Council Notebook – August 20, 2018

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Fire Service Bylaw
Council approved the new Fire Service Bylaw, which outlines the regulations for open-air fires, acceptable fire pits, fireworks etc. A copy will be available on the Town of McLennan website.

Procedure and Committee Bylaw
Council motioned to amend the Procedure and Committee Bylaw. The new deadline to submit items for a Council meeting, including items from delegations will be 7 business days prior to the date of the Council meeting. Council packages will be distributed 4 business days prior to the Council meeting date.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Bylaw
Council approved the Subdivision and Development Appeal Bylaw as presented. Under the new MGA, the clerk and the board members are required to complete a mandatory training program. Council appointed Dave Gervais and Guy Beaudoin as the two members at large to the board.

Peace Regional Victims Services
On a motion by Councillor Stout, the Town approved providing financial support of $2.00 per capita for a total of $1,582 to the Peace Regional Victims Services.

Regional Broadband Memorandum of Understanding
Councillor Giroux moved to approve the Memorandum of Understanding between Big Lakes County and the Town of McLennan to participate in the design, construction and operation of a broadband network. The Memorandum of Understanding does not commit the Town of McLennan to any specific funding in providing the infrastructure necessary for broadband access to every citizen within the community.

Smoky River Regional Economic Development
The Town of McLennan Council and the CAO will be attending the Economic Development Strategic Planning Session on August 28.

Councillor Delaurier motioned to decline the ATCO Gas offer to collect property taxes in addition to the franchise fee from residents in the Town of McLennan.

McLennan Municipal Library
Council approved a motion to appoint Catherine Melodie Schaefer-Simard as a member to the Town of McLennan Library Board.

McLennan Victory Life Church
Council proposed to cost share the sewer service line repair for the McLennan Victory Life Church. The portion of the line servicing the church would be replaced with the Town paying 60% and the Church paying 40%.

Property Tax Refund
A request from a residential property owner for a refund on an overpayment of property taxes from 2005-2009 was denied. The parcel of land was being assessed as 9 acres from 2005-2009 when the actual size was 6.60 acres. Council would like to remind property owners to verify the information they are being assessed on and to ensure they appeal it within the 60-day period indicated on the property tax notices.


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