Editorial – Marijuana legalized now, but hopefully re-criminalized under a new Conservative government

Mac Olsen

So the potheads across this country have what they want – the legalization of marijuana.

But let’s look ahead to 2019 when, hopefully, Andrew Scheer will be this country’s next Prime Minister. If Scheer does, then I hope he rescinds legalization and reinstates the criminal charge under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Even if there’s vehement public opposition to once again criminalizing marijuana, and the courts strike it down as unconstitutional, he can use the notwithstanding clause (Section 33) of the Canadian Constitution to stand firm and do what is right for this country. Certainly, Ontario Premier Doug Ford had the right idea when he invoked its use to downsize the Toronto City Council. Let that be Scheer’s example if he pursues the path I hope he will take on this issue.

But to return to the legalization of marijuana, leaving it to municipalities to establish and enforce bylaws about where marijuana use is and isn’t allowed, opens up a whole new can of worms. I can see that the RCMP and bylaw enforcement officers, not to mention the courts, are going to be in an absolute bind when it comes to the prosecution of offenders.

Its use is permitted here in this private home, but it’s not permitted there in that public space, and the boundary between them is so narrow that the smell of this disgusting substance can flow very easily.

And children – yes, my detractors, I will again use children as my example here, whether you like it or not – could be exposed to the scent of this disgusting substance, which they are not supposed to be under Trudeau’s much-emphasized pro-marijuana publicity campaign.

So, the police and bylaw enforcement officers will be in a conundrum – do they charge the offenders or not? Will they even be allowed to charge the offender because of this “grey area?”

And let’s look at this from another perspective. A confined space that’s intensively filled with the scent of marijuana, such as an apartment building, can result in someone acquiring that scent on their clothing.

Consequently, if they go into a public place to do business, others will not be able to help but notice the scent and most likely assume that this person has been using it. So, that person becomes embarrassed and possibly ostracized for something that is not their fault.

This is the can of worms that Trudeau’s legalization of marijuana is going to open. But he doesn’t care about that; he is only concerned with appealing to the potheads’ moral vagaries regarding this disgusting substance.

So, let’s keep Trudeau’s feet to the fire in the months ahead. When an unexpected issue arises within the “grey area” of marijuana legalization, let’s throw this back in his face and say, ‘We told you so!’ Then vote him out of office in 2019.


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