Summary of March 20, 2017 – Village of Donnelly council meeting

Express Staff
Smoky River Airport Commission budget – Council received as information the budget and our share of requisition; however council feels a review of the original agreement maybe in order as the agreement was made back in 1980.

Smoky River FCSS Grant Application and amended budget – Council ratified the decision to support the grant application that FCSS submitted to honour the pioneers of the Smoky River Region as part of their Volunteer Appreciation Week and to celebrate Canada’s 150th. Council also received as information the FCSS 2017 amended budget.

Smoky River Regional Golf Course donation request – Council tabled this item pending further information.

Communities in Bloom – Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary – Council passed a motion to allow the administration to spearhead a flowers promotion for the community. Look for the announcement and posters for more information, or call the office.

Heart River Housing Requisition – Council received the 2017 Budget and requisition as information.

Falher Regional Intermunicipal Library – Council received as information the Audited Financial Statement and reports provided by Falher Regional Intermunicipal Library. The request for one more representative was tabled pending further information. If anyone in our municipality is interested in volunteering to be a member of the Library Board, please send your name in to the office at (780) 925-3835.

Alberta Environmental Protection Waterworks Inspection – Council received as information the inspection report which indicated a passing mark.

Next regular council meeting changed to April 10, 2017.

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