Man survives vicious dog attack

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A young Kinuso man is recovering at home with extensive injuries after being attacked by several dogs in Kinuso early June 12.
Gerald Barore, 26, credits several people who responded to the scene near Kinuso School for saving his life.
“If it weren’t for anybody helping me on scene, I probably would be dead,” Barore says.
He was walking home around 3 a.m. when the incident occurred.
“I heard dogs in the distance and it came closer,” Barore says.
“They attacked one leg and then the rest of my body.”
Roberta Hunt was among the first on scene at the incident on Fourth St.
Barore suffered extensive injuries, said Hunt, who has First-Aid training.
“He was bleeding from the top of his head on the left side down his right side to his feet,” Hunt said.
He was flown by STARS air ambulance to Edmonton.
“I just kept him comfortable,” Hunt said, adding another person was alerted to the incident.
“Another gentleman heard dogs fighting and then he heard cries for help,” Hunt said.
“Then he got into his truck to investigate.”
Barore’s mother-in- law, Trinity Bourque, said he received 19 staples in his head and scalp, another 10 in his side and required surgery.
“It was a very serious dog attack,” she said.
She noted her son-in-law had numerous puncture wounds on his right leg.
Barore said the dogs attacked for about one hour before help came.
“There was nothing I could do,” says Barore, who returned home from hospital June 16.
“There were too many of them.”
He described the dogs as three pitbulls and three huskies.
Four dogs have been identified so far, Big Lakes County animal-control officer Mary Brust wrote in an email June 17.
One dog was taken into custody at the Big Lakes animal-care facility for a 10-day quarantine period.
“This is done to watch for any signs of illness that could be transferable to the victim,” Brust said.
The other three dogs in the facility have been surrendered by the owner and will not be returned to the community.
“Any identified owners of dogs involved will be fined under the animal control bylaw,” Brust said.
Bourque is concerned about numerous dog attacks in the community and students and other people bitten in the last few weeks.
Hunt also serves as the Kinuso councillor on Big Lakes County council. At council’s regular meeting June 8, she said several dog attacks and bites occurred in the past several weeks.
Officials are taking steps to reverse the rash of dangerous dog incidents.
“Big Lakes animal control is working with community members, High Prairie peace officers, Lakeshore Regional Police Service, Swan River Medical Clinic staff and High Prairie School Division to identify appropriate control measures to prevent the recurrence of dog-related incidents in our communities and keep residents safe,” Brust said.
High Prairie RCMP and Big Lakes peace officers continue to probe the incident.
“It’s still under investigation,” High Prairie RCMP S/Sgt Bryce Tarzwell said June 16.
Under the animal control bylaw 12-2017, the owner shall not cause, allow or permit a dog off the owner’s property to attack any person.
Any dog, whether licensed or not, that bites, attacks or runs at any person may be captured by animal control officer, after which, it shall be dealt with in a manner as directed by the officer, the bylaw states.

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