‘Mama Mia’ & Yowochas

Emma Isert

‘Mama Mia’ is a musical entirely composed of ABBA songs.

We went to the Citadel in Edmonton to watch this amazing play full of dancing, singing, and plenty of witty dialogue, all along keeping us mesmerized with the setup, outfits, and well-chosen actors.

It was well executed and had a great turn out along with a standing ovation. It was similar to the movie but had some extra scenes added that put a unique twist to the musical, making it entertaining to watch and fun to listen to.

The long drive there and back was worth it and I’m glad G.P. Vanier gave us students the opportunity to go.


Some of my best memories of Junior High come from Yowochas.

The people, activities, and food made the trip super fun and worthwhile. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed and got right to work unpacking and meeting the staff.

We started off with some fun warm up activities and team building challenges, then went from there.

In the space of four cold days we had a scavenger hunt, we built quincies, we hiked through the large expanse of woods, we did activities on the low ropes and high ropes, we won the great race, had a fun and mostly improved theater night and the morning before we left we played a game of predators versus prey.

By the end no one wanted to go home. We all had a great time outside and I’d recommend Yowochas to anyone who wants to have a trip full of fun, games, and laughter.


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