MADD school program provides valuable life lesson to Vanier students

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Students at G.P. Vanier were given a necessary if rude awakening, regarding the potentially tragic consequences of driving impaired, whether under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD) which has extended its mandate to address the added perils that come with the recent legalization of cannabis, brought its School Assembly Program to Vanier on October 25.

Not that all the Vanier students were completely naive about the uses and abuses of marijuana or unaware of the mortal risks of driving under the influence. However, much of the MADD presentation, especially the video enactments of tragic accidents and testimonials from those who have lost loved ones certainly resonated.

The video presentations didn’t spare anyone’s sensibilities but instead created a palpable sense of realization among the students as to how quickly tragedy can strike.

The added sense of misfortune was also conveyed in realizing how eminently avoidable these incidents are if people are aware of the consequences and exercise good judgment.

What was encouraging to witness although the presentation was relaxed and conversational, is that the G.P. Vanier students, paid close attention to the presentation and responded in a mature manner, asking insightful questions that were pertinent to the message.

For approximately 25 years, MADD has put special emphasis on school programming to promote awareness among youth.

The programs are developed to interact directly with youth using their vernacular to create self-awareness as well as general awareness regarding the dangers of impaired driving.


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