MacIntyre always had many good gifts at Christmas

Therese MacIntyre says the family always had to have home-baked doughnuts for Christmas.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Christmas was a great time for Therese MacIntyre with plenty of food and fun.

“Those were the good old days,” says MacIntyre, 87, a resident of Manoir du Lac in McLennan.

“We had lots of nice gifts and food.”

She was the oldest of four children born and raised in New Brunswick.

Food and Christmas dinner are at the top of her memories.

“Dad used to do a lot of cooking and he would make potato dumpling at Christmas,” MacIntyre says.

She says it is a French specialty.

“He made it with raw potatoes, pork in the centre and boiled it,” MacIntyre says as she described it as the size of a grapefruit.

A big feast was served for Christmas dinner that featured various types of meats

“Dad would kill a turkey or a couple of hens and have roast chicken,” MacIntyre says.

Sometimes it was deer or moose meat.

“Mom used to make Christmas cakes and doughnuts,” MacIntyre says.

“At Christmas, we had to have doughnuts and all kinds of cookies.”

The young girl never seemed to have a shortage of gifts at Christmas.

“We didn’t’ have much money, but Mom and Dad always gave us good gifts,” MacIntyre says.

“We got all kinds of stuff.”

Her gifts were usually fun to play with.

“I used to get a doll every Christmas as a young girl,” MacIntyre says.

“Mom and Dad gave us whatever we needed, whatever we wanted.”

The children also got a box that included cake and cookies, she recalls.

Gifts were ready under the Christmas tree.

“We all went with Dad to cut down a tree,” MacIntyre says.

“We would bring it back home on the sleigh pulled by a horse and we would walk beside.”

She also remembers other gifts she got from her class party at school.

“We used to have a party when we were young,” MacIntyre says.

“I got so many dolls, teddy bears, bracelets and ear rings.”

Everyone got a gift from the teacher and students picked names.

She also remembers making cookies at Christmas at school.

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