M.D. of Smoky River notebook

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Land-Use Bylaw amended

The M.D. of Smoky River is now allowing its assessors to enter property to properly assess matters of their interest on development permits.
Council agreed to the request from its assessor at its Oct. 14 meeting and noted they needed to enter the property in question to confirm information provided in a development permit.
Specifically, the amendment occurs on the development permit form so all applicants are aware.

Council lists its priorities

Council has listed it priorities regarding the Municipal Stimulus Program project.
Council had first listed its priorities at its Sept. 9 meeting. The new priorities effective Oct. 14 are:

  • Smoky River shop repair estimated at $210,000;
  • Administration building parking lot at $62,450 of which $25,472 is covered by MSP money;
  • Road gravelling at $5,000.
    The M.D.’s total allocation is $240,472.

New accounting firm chosen

The M.D. of Smoky River has chosen MNP as its new auditors.
A decision to hire a new auditor became necessary when the old firm they were using quit that part of the business.
Council received two similar bids from MNP and Fletcher/Mudryk.
“MNP has more experience but Fletcher is trying to build that,” said Kelsie Fournier, director of corporate services.
She also added MNP has a local office in Falher.
CAO Rita Therriault noted the M.D. does not have an accountant in-house.
“We do need this service,” she said. “We need some accounting services.”
The $44,000 annual bid was approved by council, which had budgeted $50,000.

Drainage projects approved

Council approved three drainage projects to be paid mostly under the Alberta Community Resilience Program.
The M.D. was awarded $2,019,735 with the government paying 90 per cent and the M.D. 10 per cent. The three projects cost $3,032,000. Council is using money from the federal gas tax to pay its 10 per cent.
“We’d be crazy not to do it,” said Reeve Brochu of the 90-10 split.
The three projects are the Storm Water Drainage Channel Enhancement Flood Mitigation for Desilet, Gervais and Jean Cote North Drainage Channel projects.

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