M.D. of Smoky River notebook

Following are notes from the M.D. of Smoky Fiver council meeting July 8:

Heart River Housing future plans

Council signed a letter of understanding from the Heart River Housing for their 2020-21 strategic direction plan.
The strategic direction plan outlined the need for additional senior’s housing in the Fox Creek, High Prairie and Smoky River regions.

Council makes pitch for pavement

Council is sending a letter to Alberta Minister of Transportation Ric McIver, requesting that Range Road 213 [Viterra Access Road] be considered a “stimulus” program at a 75 per cent cost share for a pavement overlay of the road.

Industrial inspection fee exempt

Council agreed to exempt the not-for-profit, Orphan Well Ass. from industrial inspection fees when decommissioning wells or closing sites.

Invitation from Falher accepted

Two members of council will be meeting with the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association [AUMA] on July 27 at the Falher Regional Recreation Complex for a round table discussion as part of the AUMA’s 2020 summer tour.
The M.D. of Smoky River has been invited by the Town of Falher to attend the meeting.

Proposed Drainage SW of Falher

Members of the public met with council to discuss the drainage on the S-Half of 31-77-21-W5M going west. The proposed drainage would be approximately 12 km long and would include a section of Highway 49.
Council will be providing some technical assistance and guidance to the landowners to proceed with the water management project through the Alberta Environment approvals process.

Council assists landowner

Council approved installing an approach with a culvert on TWP 747 [SW 9-74-19-W5] from the operations’ budget to assist a landowner with concerns of erosion and ditch washout.

Water problems in Whitemud

Members of the public met with council to discuss concerns about water management around Township Road 754 in the Whitemud area and the possible diversion of water from the east to the south.
Council is currently investigating ways to improve the drainage in the area of concern.

Council declares agricultural disaster

Council approved the deceleration of a State of Agricultural Disaster in the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 as a result of unseasonably high levels of precipitation, unseeded acres and the economic downturn.

Council declines road closure

Cargill requested the M.D. of Smoky River permanently close Range Road 202 to allow for an increased number of freight cars to access the site.
Council denied the request by Cargill to close the road.

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