M.D. council reports for April 10 meeting

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
Ag fieldman’s report
Normand Boulet, the ag fieldman for the M.D., noted that the new cattle squeeze is now available. The old one and a tree spade have gone to auction.
The weed and pest inspectors have been appointed for 2017. They are Raymond Rey, David Skinner, Phillippe Fournier, and Joseph Sylvain.
Boulet also noted the M.D. is declaring genetically engineered alfalfa as a prohibited noxious weed under the provincial Weed Control Act.
Council has given two readings for the related bylaw and he is sending the information to Agriculture and Forestry Minister Oneil Carlier for approval.
Northern Lights County and Clear Hills County are submitting their bylaws to the minister as well.
In other news, Alberta Agriculture has extended the wild boar bounty program to June 30 and it will be reviewed it later.
Finally, the M.D.’s newest picker truck is being prepared for work.
Director of Operations report
Kevin Cymbaluk noted that the old High Prairie bridge on Alderidge Road is being reassessed for repair or replacement. The bridge is 92 years old.
Many culverts throughout the M.D. are frozen, so public works is steam cleaning them.
Also, traffic counters are being conducted throughout the M.D.
Finally, new trucks and heavy equipment are arriving and the public works department is gearing up for a lot of infrastructure projects.

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