M.D. council approves 2018 Smoky River Regional Airport budget

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on March 14, the council for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 approved the 2018 Smoky River Regional Airport budget.
The M.D.’s share is $40,869 out of a total budget of $145,140. The other municipal partners must approve their contributions as well.

Pickup truck purchase approved for ASB
Council also approved the purchase of a Ford F-150 pickup from Revolution Ford in High Prairie, in the amount of $39,933.25. Council also approved an increase in the budget from $38,000 to $40,000 for the purchase. The agricultural services board employees will use the truck for their operations.
Council also approved the annual surplus list for sale, which will be advertised in the Smoky River Express this spring.
In other news, council approved a motion for the M.D.’s new Bowmag trash compactor to be hauled from the Whitecourt Regional Waste Authority to the public works department in Falher. The M.D. is looking to purchase its own trailer for the trash compactor.

Brush clearing on the Five Star Golf Club road
Council approved a motion to provide $10,000 for brush clearing and back sloping of the Five Star Golf Club road. Also, the M.D. is pursuing a water allocation licence with Alberta Environment for the Little Smoky Ski Hill, for a new reservoir.

Name change for Alder Ridge Road
Alder Ridge Road is being renamed to the Old High Prairie Road, which is located at Highway 747 near Sunset House. New signs will be installed for the name change.

Fire chief seeks
funding for UTV
Fire Chief Marcel Maure has received authorization from council to pursue funding applications with the Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund, the Dupont Pioneer Funding Initiative for Rural Emergencies and Shell Canada Funding.
Maure wants to purchase a UTV for remote firefighting operations.
Radio purchase
Council approved the purchase of the Alberta First Responders Radio Communications System for Smoky River Fire and Rescue, in the amount of $65,000, plus installation.

February was a less than average month for Smoky River Fire and Rescue, with 14 calls for service:
. Seven medical.
. Four false alarms
. Two provincial highway motor vehicle collisions.
. One fire.
Smoky River Fire and Rescue participated in Family Day activities in McLennan on Feb. 18.
The fire chief participated in an emergency management exercise in Grande Prairie during Feb. 27-28. The purpose was to improve and enhance his skills for emergency management.
Maure also participated in a table top exercise for the joint emergency response plan.
This is the first time in several years that such an exercise has been conducted, and errors were found and corrected. More such exercises will be held in the future.

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