Local artists exhibit their work at McLennan Municipal Library until May 31


Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Works by local artists including Patty Tokarz Turnquist and Judy Carson are on display at McLennan Library until May 31.

Tokarz Turnquist started painting in high school with the late Bob Ross course “The Joy of Painting” and studied in art college for one year.

She has quickly established a distinctive, expressive style and many people have acquired her work.

Judy Carson creates rich, painterly works in oil depicting the regional landscape.

Carson’s work exhibited at the Library is for sale and they will remain on display until the pieces sell.

The McLennan Library is always looking to exhibit the works of local artists in all disciplines, painting, photography, ceramics, textiles etc.

The library is also interested in hearing from people who have interesting collections of art or a series of curios with a particular theme that they would like to show.

For more information contact librarian Maureen Fisher at (780) 324-3767.

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