“Live History” return to McLennan with interactive escape room, theatre event

“Live History’s”Jasmine Bowen in period costume at McLennan workshop, 2017.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Following a very enthusiastic response to workshops presented at a number of venues in McLennan last year, Jasmine Bowen and Joshua Kitz, two principal members of Live History Theatre Group are returning to McLennan Library on Wednesday, May 2.

Bowen, who is the chief actor and Kitz who designs the mysteries used by Live Theatre will, on this occasion, present two performances of Circa, an interactive escape room theatre event.

Live Theatre creates site-specific works that incorporate local history in the interactive mystery dramas they perform.

The plays, written in a broad, open format allow room to integrate local history and historical figures from the communities across Canada and around the world in which the group performs.

With the site-specific facet, whether it is a school, heritage house, museum or library, the group integrates the venue into the show, giving the interactive performance an immediate context while providing a local history lesson along with great entertainment.

Based in Ontario, Live History is a Governor General’s Award-nominated international touring theatre company that produces its site-specific customizable mysteries around the world.

Apart from performing in Canada, the group will tour international venues in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, England, Wales and Ireland this year.

Live History provided a tentative outline for its May 2 interactive performances:

“It is almost closing time at the library when we run into a strange figure, dressed in period clothes and seeming confused. The mysterious character, identifying only as Circa, is horrified to discover they are in the modern era, and many of things they remember and love are now behind glass; on shelves; written about in history books. Circa has stepped out of an exhibit or a non-fiction local archive book.

“They have no recollection of who they are, or how they got there….”

And so the mystery begins with those in attendance also playing a role in the drama that unfolds and in solving the mystery.

While Live Theatre designs shows for all ages and often perform in schools, the group created the upcoming McLennan performance with a level of complexity aimed at an adult audience.

As with last year’s workshops, the Live Theatre, Circa, interactive escape room theatre event is sponsored by McLennan Municipal Library.

The performances will take place at the McLennan Library with show times at 2pm and 7pm on May 2. Both shows are free but space is limited, so those wishing to attend should reserve a place by contacting Maureen Fisher at librarian@mclennanlibrary.ab.ca or call 780-324-3767.


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