Lift station projects for Jean Cote & Guy set to begin

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 will begin work on the new lift stations for Jean Cote and Guy sometime this summer.

These projects were $90,000 over budget and the M.D. had to remove or change some items to make them fall within the accepted costs of approximately $380,000.

Kevin Cymbaluk, the director of operations for the M.D., discussed this issue with council during their meeting in Falher on June 13.

Cymbaluk also noted that 669 locations of flooding have been documented throughout the M.D.

He has been in contact with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency about the flooding situation.

Officials with the AEMA are impressed with how the public works department has handled the repairs and the GIS information that is being used to provide analysis of the flooding.

In other news, apart from Jean Cote, calcium applications have been applied to the roads throughout the M.D.

The roads in and around Jean Cote could be sprayed this week. Also, the M.D.’s gravelling program has begun and 65 km of roads have been completed so far, and the tarmac repair work for the Donnelly airport will start soon.


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