LIFE DTS team volunteers for cleanup in Falher and McLennan

The LIFE DTS Edmonton team cleaned the Falher Regional Recreation Complex and the basement of the Elks Town Hall in McLennan.

Lynn Farrell
Town of Falher Director of Community Services

In McLennan on Wednesday, April 25, members of LIFE DTS Edmonton cleaned out the basement area of Elks Town Hall, as well as did a general cleaning of the building and yard – washing walls, gardening, raking, sweeping and mopping, bathrooms etc.

They also volunteered at the McLennan town office, organizing their file folders and washing windows, and the boys went to the campground and helped sand down a shed.

In Falher on April 26-27, the same team volunteered to clean the arena of the Falher Regional Recreation Complex. They scrubbed the puck marks off the sideboards and the signs, wiped the tempered glass, as well as cleaned out the penalty boxes and benches!

These young adults are a part of a Christian leadership and character building program called LIFE DTS Edmonton. They travel to different towns in Alberta to not only promote their program but to serve the community.

It was great to see young people give back to the community without expecting anything return.


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