Letter – Reader takes strong exception to commentary about the PM

To the Editor:
I write in response to Mr. T. Henihan’s most recent article in your paper posted January 18, 2017, “Does the Aga Khan use the same pay to play tactics as his friend Trudeau?”

At the onset, I must share how deeply offended and ashamed I was on the completion of reading this particular article. This is Canada and perhaps Mr. Henihan is building a portfolio for some planned move to the south.

But if so he has my encouragement to do so post haste as I feel his particular style of “journalism” would be most comfortably fitted within the pages of a tabloid that comes to mind published out of New York, I believe, by American Media Inc. (AMI).

He had the audacity to accuse our PM of lies of omission where his entire article is a fabrication of aspirations on his character via juxta positon of statements and implication.

First off, Mr. Trudeau has ever right, if not need, to mask where he chooses to take his vacation. He has a young family, already too often brought into the spotlight and one could argue in need of a little privacy from time to time.

Further, your reporter suggests that he had difficulty reconciling the fact of Mr. Trudeau’s “lavish” vacation with his ability relate to the “grassroots” of Canada suggesting pretense on his part.

I’m sorry, but I find this claimed lack of imagination on his part far too hard to credit when he continues on to pen an article wholly composed of his fantasies and paranoia and devoid of fact. This sort of tripe should most properly be posted to Facebook or perhaps the American Press as this is far, far too similar to the false news releases that plagued the social media during the most recent presidential elections.

This is Canada, we are Canadian surely we can do better than this! There is not one piece of fact to back up any of this man’s aspersions on Mr. Trudeau’s character.

I know how readily this would be lapped up in our community given its strong conservative roots. But regardless of his party or politics, I feel he is deserving of the common courtesy … and should only present what one can know for fact and substantiate.

The man took a vacation from a high stress job, which I at least feel he is doing well, to visit an admittedly wealthy family friend who helped carry his father to his resting.

I for one when on vacation live a much, much more lavish life style than I do as a norm, is not that the purpose of a vacation?

Please spare me such trip in the future and limit yourselves and Mr. Henihan in particular to the facts and not supposition especially not such inflammatory ones.

This is Canada…. We’re Nicer Than That… and a heck of a lot smarter!
With diminished respect,
Bryan McLeod

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