Letter – Being Canadian is to be proud

I watched some footage of the truckers protest. It was embarrassing.
Ninety per cent of the truckers are already vaccinated. Then there were the Confederate and Gadsden flags on some of the pickups. People waving the Stars and Stripes around.
Those are American symbols that pack a lot of racism on their shoulders. More importantly, they are not Canadian. These people have fed into the foolishness south of the border and just want to be mad about something. It’s not even important what side of the issue they are on.
But it is! Canadians – and Albertans – have serious issues we could be getting mad about. The problem with hating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for everything is that the cause of these problems may be closer to home. And, they aren’t going to admit why and what they are doing.
One of the flags someone made up was a maple leaf but it was blue and sprinkled with white stars, the bars on the edge had been turned onto stripes. The commentator declared that we were just watered-down Americans.
The trouble is, he wasn’t that far wrong. And it is self-destructive. If you think the US is so much better it might be time to move. I don’t want to give up my health care. In the States someone my age and income would be paying $600 a month for health care.
I have never been beat up by a cop, my chief form of security is a group of yapping mutts.
It could be worse and if that guy just down the road from me has to sneak out in the middle of the night to take down his [#@*#] Trudeau flag so be it. Trudeau is a corporate guy, but oil isn’t the only thing he has to worry about.
I am not a Trudeau fan, by the way.
There are many things that as Canadians and Albertans, we can protest about but we should not be giving ourselves to the US. What is it people find so seductive if it was Canadians who were carrying those flags? If it was Americans, tell them to put on their pants and go home.
We need to maintain our independence to work on policies that work the best for us. Not give ourselves to them before they even get a chance to ask. A good trade deal for the US is not always a good deal for us.
How much of our economy are you willing to surrender?

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie, AB

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