Let the dogs in!

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The onset of warm weather has finally arrived and the Canadian media has already documented cases of dogs left in cars.

Dogs are increasingly part of our lives, consequently people want to bring them everywhere they go as often as possible.

Even so, our four- legged friends are unfortunately not yet quite accepted in stores, which encourages consumers to leave them in their car while they shop.

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada is calling on all business owners and corporations to accept the dogs of their customers to save lives.

What dogs experience

The heat inside a vehicle when the ambient temperature is 26 degrees Celsius can reach 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

By cons, even if the outside temperature is not so high, the interior temperature of a car left in the sun half-open windows can soar.

“Dogs take their heat off by panting and by the pads under their paws, but these are limited in situations where the temperature rises quickly in a car.” Explains Dominique Routhier, interim CEO and animal biologist of SPA Canada.

“The internal temperature of a dog is 38.5 degrees Celsius.

When it reaches 42 degrees, the animal becomes hyperthermic and can suffer damage to internal organs or even die within 15 minutes due to reduced blood pressure and lack of oxygenation of cells.

What to do if you witness a dog alone in a car

The situation becomes critical when the animal is lying, eyes rolled up and does not respond.

In this case, the animal must be released from this fatal situation immediately by any means possible, be given water, wet its fur with lukewarm water (never cold) and must be brought urgently to a veterinarian.

In cases where all means have been used, it is legitimate to break the window of the vehicle to save a dog’s life from certain death.

In situations that seem less critical, quickly take note of the vehicle’s license plate number as well as the brand and color of the car and call the police.

In addition to managing this type of situation, they could file criminal charges against the owner of the animal depending on the intensity of the case.

If the car is in a store parking lot, notify a manager to make a call throughout the store to find the owner of the vehicle.

Ideally during this time, leave a person near the vehicle to note any distress in the animal.

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