La Foire de la famille entertainer Atlas GéoCircus strikes a fine balance at École Héritage April 8

entertainer Atlas GéoCircus juggling
entertainer Atlas GéoCircus juggling

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Cafe Nord-Ouest’ annual La Foire de la famille (Family Fair), first held in April 2014, is now in its third year.
Each year, the fair at Ecole Heritage, adapts different themes and sets different objectives.

Yan Imbault, an entertainer who performs under the name Atlas GéoCircus gave an early afternoon and evening show, an afterschool circus workshop and animated games and activities during supper.

At the afternoon show, Atlas GéoCircus put on a high-energy performance that incorporated a comedic rapport with the audience while engaging in juggling and some impressive balancing acts.

The kids also found it extremely entertaining when he involved teachers and fellow students in the act.

Never slow moving or appearing to step out of character, the pace of Atlas GéoCircus performance was fast, fluid and seamless and he kept the kids engaged from beginning to end.

He also appeared adept at reading the temperaments of the kids he invited on stage and avoided asking them to do things that made them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Of course, Yan Imbault is an experienced, social-minded entertainer who has been involved in organizing numerous artistic events.

He has also taught in many places across Canada and West Africa and been involved with organizations such as Cirque du Monde and Clowns without Borders.

Schools from the area offering francophone or French immersion programming, were invited to the afternoon performance.

Approximately 220 people from École Héritage, École Routhier and École de Quatres-vents in Peace River attended the show.

Family Fair is an opportunity for families to get together, learn, share and be entertained, in the French language.

Cafe Nord-Ouest programs provide support for the preservation and dissemination of francophone cultural heritage and offers extracurricular support to schools in regards to francophone early childhood development and French language acquisition and retention.

By engaging the community and encouraging contact and communication across generations, Cafe Nord-Ouest programs foster health and wellbeing in francophone youth, community-building experiences and a sense of engagement and belonging, through cultural and linguistic pride.


balancing a hockey net on his chin at an afternoon performance during La Foire de la famille (Family Fair) at École Héritage April 8.
balancing a hockey net on his chin at an afternoon performance during La Foire de la famille (Family Fair) at École Héritage April 8.

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